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Dear Colleague,

May I draw your attention once more to the coming-up annual meeting of Gastro-update Europe 2019. This event is a most exciting way to inform and educate astute busy gastrointestinal-hepatological specialists with the latest clinically-relevant developments and achievements in our discipline. This Update is done in a highly condenced, yet comprehensive, fashion by top European teachers and key opinion leaders covering all aspects of our specialty in a critical, and industry-independent fashion.

The scientific organisers would be very appreciative if you could help raise awareness of this unique scientific event by alerting eager clinicians in your department and surrounding region to this top quality educational event, which excels in scientific standard and clinical relevance. Our sole motivation is to raise the state-of-the-art level of universal, clinical gastrointestinal-hepatological practice. For more information about the program please visit www.gastro-update-europe.eu  or see the attachment.

There are discounted rates for delegates submitting an abstract and for young gastroenterologists.

Thank you for your attention to this letter and for any support you can provide to endorse this unique educational exercise.

With personal greetings,

Guido NJ Tytgat
Past chairman / President of the gastroenterology department of the University of Amsterdam, of the European Association of Gastroenterology, Endoscopy and Nutrition and the World Gastroenterology Organisation.


MGT 62. Nagygyűlése

A Magyar Gasztroenterológiai Társaság 62. Nagygyűlése

Időpont: 2020.06.06. - 2020.06.08.
Helyszín: Hotel Azúr, Siófok

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MGT 61. Nagygyűlése

A Magyar Gasztroenterológiai Társaság 61. Nagygyűlése

Időpont: 2019.06.01. - 2019.06.04.
Helyszín: Hotel Azúr, Siófok




MGT Vezetőségi Ülés

Dátum: 2019.10.16, Szerda
Időpont: 14:00
Helyszín: Budapest,
SE II.sz. Belgy. Klinika
"A" épület II.emelet

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